Pop singer-songwriter, musician, visual artist Kira Takei
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Kira Takei

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Kira Takei bio

She's 19 years old. She's a pop music singer-songwriter. She was a Core dancer at CC&CO Dance Complex. She's a painter. She's a makeup artist. She's a multi-cultural model. She's a visual performance artist.

You could call Kira Takei an overachiever, but these creative pursuits are built into her soul. From birth, she's followed her muse and invested everything into her various art forms, with music at the forefront. To her, music is as important as breathing—without it, she doesn't know if she would be the person she is today.

From an early age, she knew she wanted to be on stage, singing her own words, and hearing a crowd sing them back to her. From the moment she could hold a microphone, songs started pouring out of her… and as soon as she had a computer at her fingertips, she was recording those ideas. Between being home-educated for 9 years, dancing competitively for 7 years, learning guitar, and painting, she realized that art has always been her primary way of communicating. And now those dreams of showcasing her music to an audience are coming true with the release of her first singles, Wildfire, Everything and Nothing, The Heart of Us, Tonight, Film of Us, and Our Sunset (with more to come throughout 2024).

She partnered with music producer-engineer Kevin McNoldy (Dave Matthews, Howie D / Backstreet Boys, and thousands more) to record these singles, which are leading to a full album that will be released before she even graduates high school! Following in the footsteps of young artists who have influenced her, like Billie Eilish and Lorde, Kira is embracing her creativity and throwing herself into her music… so stay tuned, as you'll be hearing a lot from this exciting new artist!

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