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Kira Takei

Kira's solo dance for this season


In my last blog post, I shared a bit about how dance conventions run, and in this one, I want to share a bit more about a part of it - my solo! My solo this season is self-choreographed, and has had many changes, versions, and edits done to it. I thought I could share the process behind choreographing a self-performed solo, and all the things that have happened to get it to where it is today!

The process began by selecting music. I had an idea of the style of dance I wanted to do (contemporary), so, I looked for songs that moved and inspired me. I had come across one that I really liked, and I even started choreographing to it - however, after the process continued for a bit, I no longer resonated with the song, and it didn’t feel quite right. The search for a song continued.

Many Youtube music rabbit holes later, I found the perfect song. It inspired me so much, and told a story I was moved by. I quickly got to choreographing.

(Here is the song! https://youtu.be/HNw6GYRZ040 - ‘Witching Hour’ by the Echo Collective)

Choreographing was fun, confusing, frustrating, and very educational. I learned a lot about how I create, and the mental preparation that goes into choreographing. As I had mentioned earlier, there were many, many versions of my solo - there are parts that have stayed the same since day 1, and others that are still being changed today. It’s nice to know because it’s mine, I can change it if something feels better, or makes more sense. I drew inspiration from many things for this solo - colors, memories, feelings, stories… It was so cool working with so many possibilities. As I was working, the title ‘Inflection Point’ came to me - In math/business, it refers to a point where significant change occurs. It felt very fitting for this piece’s intention and emotion, so I stuck with that as its title.

Once the choreography was finished I worked with one of my teachers, Elissa Edwards, weekly to clean it, edit some things, add some things, and go over intention and purpose. I’ve learned how important it can be to gain a second opinion, or even just have a second set of eyes working with you. It’s sometimes difficult for an artist to step back and look at their work objectively, so I’m grateful to have had someone to help me out in that sense.

The process of cleaning and refining continued, before and between competitions as well. I had performed my solo at a competition in January, and looking back at it compared to the most recent competition, it’s safe to say it was in its early stages of life. (Which is probably what i’ll say at the next competition too! It’s always growing and evolving…)

At the most recent competition/convention we went to, 24/Seven, I was so nervous to do my solo. There were so many incredibly talented artists there, and I was so scared to showcase my dance abilities, as well as choreography! I remember standing behind the wings, taking deep breaths, and completely forgetting how my solo started. I shook it out, and was reminded to trust myself - I've worked so hard on this solo, and I’m so happy with the way it has grown.

After I performed it, I felt solid. I feel like it was the best time I’ve ever done it. I was able to relax, until I remembered awards. And while awards are not the reason I dance, they’re always a little nerve wracking. As they announced the overall placements, I was getting so nervous. Eventually, my number was called for 3rd place, and I couldn't have been happier. I cried in my hotel room because I was just so proud of myself. Like I said, awards are not the reason I dance, and they really don’t mean much - but in times where you do get that recognition, it feels so good. That competition was hard. I walked out of it with a proud heart, and happy soul.

I hope that explained a bit about the process behind creating and performing a solo! I am so excited to do my solo again at the next (and last) competition/convention. The link above is my solo at 24/Seven - I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your love and support always! :)

Spring Dance Conventions

Kira Spring dance conventions

Happy Spring everyone! 

As you may or may not know, a part of my dance world is attending dance conventions! In this blog post, I would love to share a look into that side of my life….

Dance conventions are a weekend (Fri-Sun) long event, filled with performance, auditions, and classes. A typical dance convention schedule will look something like this: 

(The titles Petite/Mini/Junior/Teen/Senior are divided up by age!) 
•Starting at around 7/8am: Mini and Junior Solos/Duets/Trios Competition

•(Awards for Mini/Junior Solos) 

•Petite/Mini/Junior Group Dances Competition 

•(Awards for Petite/Mini/Junior Dances) 

•Teen Solo/Duets/Trios Competition 

•(Awards for Teen Solos/Duets/Trios) 

•Senior Solo/Duets/Trios Competition 

•Around 10-11pm: (Awards for Senior Solos/Duets/Trios)

•Starting at around 7/8am: convention classes - classes take place in big hotel/convention center ballrooms, with a stage/microphone/speakers where the teachers/assistants dance. About halfway in between classes there is an hour/or 45 min lunch break. Convention classrooms are also divided by age, using the same titles (Petite, Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior). 

•Conventions classes end around 2/3pm, and the Teen/Senior group dance competition begins. 

•Around 11pm-12am: (Awards for Teen/Senior group dances) 

•Starting at around 7/8am: convention classes, and on Sunday is typically the Senior room audition.

•Here is the audition explained: 

•What are we auditioning for? At Regional competitions, you are auditioning for eligibility to compete at that convention’s Nationals, as well as a full scholarship to next year's Regional convention. 

•In Ballet class on Saturday, we learn a combo that is then used in addition to a combo we learn during a class on Sunday that we audition with.

•During convention classes and auditions, we have numbers on our clothes that are used to help out in the audition/class process. 

•To begin, all numbers in the room are divided into groups, and will ‘go on the floor’ to perform the combo, then line up in a straight line as the teachers discuss and write down numbers they wish to see for a callback. This will continue until all groups have gone. 

•After all groups have gone, there will be a callback to perform the Ballet combo we learned the day before. The same process of calling out a few groups/standing in a straight line will happen until all Ballet callbacks are finished. 

•Then, there is one more round of callbacks where we perform the 1st audition combo again. 

•Finally, they will call out numbers who receive the ‘convention audition finalist’ title. The winners of the audition scholarship will be announced at a closing show after convention classes are finished. 

•Around 2pm: Convention classes finish, and the closing show begins. The closing show typically consists of scholarship winner announcements, guest performers, and studios performing a convention selected dance to showcase (meaning, the convention will select one dance that competed Saturday night to perform at the closing show again). Which means, we all need to get into hair, costume, and makeup again. 

•The closing show finishes around 3pm-4pm, and that is the end of the dance convention weekend.

So… dance conventions are a lot. They are filled with so much - performance, nerves, learning, competing, very little sleep… but they are also filled with laughter, joy, memories, and community. Dance convention weekends go by so fast (yet so slow), and I always try to take it all in. The class of 2023 only has one Regional convention left… It’s crazy to think about! 

Thank you so much for tuning into this part of my world - I have more dance related content coming soon, so be sure to keep watch! Dance conventions are a beautiful opportunity to grow, learn, and push yourself, and I strongly suggest going for it if you have any interest in doing so! 

I hope you all have a lovely start to Spring! :)

CC&CO Dance Complex at Adrenaline 2023

Hello! In this blog post, I wanted to share a big part of my dance world that happened… This past weekend my dance studio attended Adrenaline as our first competition of the season, and the class of 2023’s last first dance competition. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the 2023 class at CC&CO Dance Complex, and I wanted to share a bit about the process of this piece.

It is tradition at CC&CO that the graduating seniors choreograph a piece dedicated to their time at the studio, and are given the opportunity to perform it. The creation of this piece was fun, surreal, and emotional, and was filled with love. I remember to begin, we sat down at a coffee shop and began to brainstorm songs that felt right. There were many suggestions, however, we landed on ‘There Will Be Time’ by Mumford & Sons - we felt it best captured all that a ‘class of’ dance is. Once we had our song, we began the choreography process. We wrote down time marks from where we needed to cut the music, which sections would be where, who has what counts, and how it would all come together. This process went by fairly quickly, as we had a clear vision of what we wanted, so after the planning, we came up with some moves. This part of the process either went by fast when we were all focused, or was trailing along when we couldn’t stop making jokes or funny suggestions. Eventually, we finished the choreography, and then we cleaned and selected costumes. Before we knew it, our last first dance competition was here. There was a lot of emotion going into this competition from a lot of different angles, however, there was also an overall feeling of love, connection, and joy. Even in the tears, we came together and supported one another. I remember waiting in the wings for our music start, and hearing our CC&CO family screaming and cheering. I couldn’t help but cry. This piece not only signifies our last first, but honors all that we have done up until our last competition season. As we performed, there were a good amount of ‘mistakes’ made, but it really did not matter - what mattered was that we were there together, dancing together. I cannot explain the joy, pride, and love I felt for the class of 2023 in that moment. We have cried together, celebrated together, supported each other, and loved each other - we really are a family.

None of this would have been possible without our CC&CO family - from parents, peers, to teachers, thank you. Thank you.

Attached is a video of ‘Class of 2023’, and I hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed performing. We still have 3 competitions left, so be on the lookout for more dance related content coming out over the next couple months! Thank you all for your love and support.