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Kira Takei

April 2023 favorites!

As we close on another month, I want to share some of my April ‘favorites’!

Favorite album: ‘Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd?’ by Lana Del Rey - as a big Lana Del Rey fan, I think this is one of my favorite Lana albums! I feel it’s the most raw, authentic, and real she’s gotten… Most times she writes in terms of a story or character, but songs from this album seem to be based on things that have happened in her personal life. The emotion is so powerful. I am so thankful for songwriters like her.

Favorite Lyric(s): (From ‘Fingertips’ by Lana del Rey)

To get to you, save you, if I take my life
Find your astral body, put it into my arms
Give you two seconds to cry
Take you home, I, I'll give you a blanket
Your spirit can sit and watch TV by my side

'Cause, baby, I
Ran through a time when I felt you were doing it

I couldn't handle it, I was in Monaco
I couldn't hear what they said on the telephone
I had to sing for the prince in two hours
Sat in the shower
Gave myself two seconds to cry

It's a shame that we die

These words feel like shimmering light through a window - so effortless and beautiful. Her words are so real and heavy. The theme of the cycle of life has been very prevalent in 2022/23 for me, and finding songs that communicate the words that I can’t feels like a relief. I highly suggest checking out her newest album - it’s a hard listen, but so powerful.

Jewelry: There’s something about finding pieces that feel like you. I recently bought 5 new rings, and I feel so lifted and ‘complete’ when I wear them. They feel almost like makeup - extending your natural traits and beauty. I bought my rings (and some other pieces) from a website called ‘Evry Jewels’ - they have great customer service, quality of items, and always run different discounts! I highly suggest checking them out! https://evryjewels.com/

New additions to bedtime ritual: After washing my face, brushing my teeth, and changing into PJs, I use an Essential Oil Mist from Bath & Body Works called ‘Lavender & Iris’ and spray it on my pillow and sheets before crawling in. After I’m in my bed, I turn on my heating blanket that lays on top of my regular blanket and enjoy the calming smells and warm bed. My bedtime routine is my favorite time of the day - I love winding down, and being able to have some time by yourself in a calm environment. Developing a ritual has helped my body know it’s time to go to sleep, and helps me feel more well rested. Sleep is so important!

Favorite song to sing: Whether i’m in my car, the shower, my room, or cooking, there’s a few songs I keep on rotation that I like to learn how to sing. My recent favorites I’ve been working on are ‘Cherry Blossom’ by Lana Del Rey, ‘Big Eyes’ by Matt Corby, ‘TV’ by Billie Eilish, and ‘Normal F*cking Rockwell’ by Lana Del Rey. Finding time to do what you love just for fun is so important in keeping an open relationship to it - it’s so fun singing just to sing. It feels freeing, and puts so much less stress on it being ‘successful’ or sounding ‘good’.

Those are a few of my ‘favorites’ from April! Be sure to stay tuned, exciting things are coming soon! Thank you all for your love and support always. I’m sending love and good energy!!!

February Favorites

Kira Takei deep ocean

As February comes to an end, I wanted to share some of my ‘favorites’ from this month! Ranging everywhere from choreographers to scents, here are some things I’ve been finding inspiration and joy from!

TV Show - Steven Universe: focused on a young boy living in ‘Beach City’ who is half human half ‘gem’, you follow his journey as he fights alongside the ‘Crystal Gems’ to protect the Earth from harm. This show does an amazing job in world building, and has such deep and personal characters each with their own complex history. While it is a children’s show, there are many lessons that can be learned from the themes throughout the program. My favorite character is a gem named ‘Peridot’, as she undergoes deep character development and questions everything she knows and everything she ‘should’ be. I’m re-watching this show now for about the 3rd time, and each time I understand it more and more.

Scent - Coffee: my mom recently gifted me a coffee-scented candle, and I must say It has helped me greatly in staying focused. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of a coffee shop where I study and get work done, or maybe because it encourages me to finish so I can get another cup of coffee. Coffee has been my favorite scent this month, but nothing will top my all-time favorite: lavender.

Book - ‘The Second Nature of Indigo’ by Aubin Elise: I have a degree of dyslexia, so reading can sometimes become very frustrating and take long periods of time, pushing me away from reading books. However, when my wonderful, talented, and kind friend I met years ago in Driver’s Ed published a mystery novel, I knew I had to read it. I find her process fascinating, and I can see all the years of work that have gone into creating her book - I LOVE learning, seeing, and experiencing ‘the process’. I am so happy (and proud) to say although it’s taken me a couple months, I am now on Chapter 6 of this wonderful book, and cannot wait to see where it takes me! I am already so hooked, and I am excited to see how the story evolves. Thank you Aubin for sharing your beautiful work to the world. Here is a link to her website with more information on her book, as well as the author herself! https://aubinelise.com/

Choreographer - Emiliano Jimenez: CLI Conservatory alumni, Emiliano is pushing the boundary between modern art and dance. His pieces of work are so unique to his mind, and it is captivating to think of his process. His vocabulary for dance is so vast, and it is pure magic to see it being used so precisely. Here are a couple Instagram links to different pieces:

‘Base.’ - https://www.instagram.com/p/CbVj_CHjJD4/
‘abcdEfg’ - https://www.instagram.com/p/Cn8BzwLj3oO/

Mind = Blown

All Time Favorite thing this month: I have been so, so, so obsessed with the Ocean. Most of my artistic inspiration from this month has been drawn from the Ocean, and I have learned many lessons in letting go but not forgetting. From the tides to the deep sea creatures, my heart has resonated with the water. I recently made a day trip to an Aquarium and beach with my boyfriend, and as we walked on the sand and heard the subtle waves crash, my heart felt so full. There’s a healing property to the Ocean, and all it has to offer. I’m beyond thankful to live on this planet with our waters, and the life it inhabits. Here are some ‘sub’ favorites relating to our Oceans:

Movie - Children Of The Sea: girl this movie will mess you up… in the best way. Not only is it visually stunning, but the story of purpose is one I’m still processing. There are many words spoken in that film that I am still dissecting, but I know resonate. I highly suggest watching this movie at some point - I also suggest watching with an open mind, with no expectations. It is stunning, existential, beautiful, and crazy.

Animal - Female Fanfin Sea Devil: I was watching a deep-sea documentary with my Mom one day, and this strange, powerful, and intricate animal was highlighted. How is it that these rare animals exist on this Earth? The Biology and Anatomy of this Fish astounds me. And, her movements inspire me. Here are a couple links to Youtube videos exploring the Female Fanfin Sea Devil!



The Facts - Check out this video to fully understand how deep and vast our oceans are… INCREDIBLE!!


These are my favorites from this month! Thank you for reading, and thank you for your ongoing love and support! I cannot wait to share my favorites from the upcoming months! :)