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Kira Takei

Happy New Year 2024!

Kira Takei Happy New Year 2024!

Happy 2024!! I absolutely ADORE celebrating the New Year! I think this time of year invites us to reflect on growth, and set intentions for the future! 

Let’s do a quick music recap of 2023…

• Release of ‘Tonight’
• Release of ‘The Heart of Us’
• Release of ‘Film of Us’
• Release of ‘Our Sunset’ 
• Performed in the CC&CO Prepro show ‘Feel It All’
• Performed in the CC&CO Winter Show ‘Snow Day’
• Performed at a neighborhood concert ‘Live at the Lake’ 

And, began many projects that will launch in 2024! It’s going to be a year full of everything! Make sure you stay tuned for all to come! :)

I would also like to say thank you for your never ending support throughout this year. Your love is felt more than you know, and keeps me inspired to create! I am so excited for all I have to give to you this year! 

Here were my stats from my Spotify Wrapped!
• 1K Streams
• 246 Listeners
• 18 Countries 

Thank you for making all of that possible! It’s only up from here!! 

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and once again, happy new year!!

High School Graduation

Kira Takei high school graduation

It’s crazy to think about this chapter of life coming to an end. High school has taught me so much, and I’ve grown immensely in the past 4 years.

High school looked different for me, as I was homeschooled by my mom from 3rd grade to around Sophomore year, and I completed my education on online school. With that, my graduation will look a little different too. It was set in my backyard, with beautifully set tables for all the guests who came to my ceremony. My Mom and my Aunt Lisa did a beautiful job in planning, and creating such a beautiful setting - there were color palettes, accent textures, flowers, lights, etc. I am so thankful for their love and passion in creating such a special day for me. (I helped too of course, but just in setting up the vision instead of creating it.) The ceremony consisted of me walking with my parents from my house to my backyard where the guests were seated, commencing the graduation process, moving my tassel, and the celebration began. After the ceremony, my friends began to arrive and there were laughs, dance battles, snacks, smiles, and photos late into the night. It meant so much to me to see everyone I loved in the same space, and by the end of the night my heart felt so full.

Graduating high school is such a privilege, and I feel so blessed to do so with a supportive family and many supportive friends. Looking back, there were moments where I thought going to a public high school would have made my experience ‘better’, as on social media I saw all I was ‘missing out’ on; parties, friend study groups, football games, assemblies, etc., but knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have done high school any other way. I was allowed time with my family, time to dive into and learn about what I love, I learned how to manage and build my own schedule, I learned how much I love my own company, I learned how I learn. There were so many things I’ve come to understand that I wouldn’t have if I attended public high school. I am so thankful for my education, and the way my high school journey played out.

Graduation feels so, so bittersweet. It feels like it all went so fast, but I also feel like I am SO ready for what this upcoming year has to offer. I trust I am on the journey right for me, and I continue to explore it every day. I am so thankful for all the people who made my high school experience - I am forever in debt.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! I am continuously grateful for all your love and support! Keep your eye out… exciting things are coming soon! I’m sending love to you all!

Juggling high school, dance, music, mental health!

Kira Takei studio vocal

Hello everyone!

Today’s blog post will be centered around juggling high school, dance, music, and mental health.

There’s no doubt that teenagers have a lot going on, especially in recent years - it’s hard to find time to turn off while you’re surrounded by school, friends, family, relationships, jobs, social media and extracurriculars all the time. And while I don’t attend traditional school, I am definitely still a teenager.

I feel like the end of last year was when I finally understood how I can best balance everything going on in my life. I found that being organized, and letting go of things that no longer served or supported me helped me feel more prepared and present in my many roles. I’ve continued to practice gratitude and appreciation as well - for example, if I had a bad day then I come into the dance studio, I try to remember how thankful I am to be here, and how lucky I am to have such amazing teachers. Practicing gratitude has really helped me feel less overwhelmed, irritated, and frustrated in relation to my schedule. I’ve let go of a lot of social media (I only have Instagram now), and the whole mentality that comes with it - Snapchat and Tiktok culture I realized were very toxic for me, and even now at times I need to delete Instagram until I can check in with myself again. Social media took up a lot of my mental space that is now clear and open to work on other things that hold more value to me.

A couple morals of mine are everyone deserves to know they’re loved, and showing up 110%. I love being the person to help others feel heard, loved, and seen - I’ve found so much joy and beauty in being an unconditional friend. It’s hard at times, and it has taken practice not to take non-reciprocated conversations/moments/relationships to heart, but by practicing gratitude it helps me remember the importance in holding that space for others. By showing up 110%, It makes me feel more involved and committed to what I’m doing, and helps me learn even more about it. By really diving into whatever it may be; a favor, the dishes, a conversation, a dance piece, a lyric, I learn so much more about what it can offer me and teach me. I also believe that creating a strong work ethic will ultimately serve you more than relying on natural talent. That can be applied in friendships, relationships, jobs, or extracurriculars. Even if the hard work goes unseen by peers or mentors, I know it doesn’t matter because I see it, and it’s a standard I hold myself to. Being committed, kind, hard working, and present takes some work, but will never do you harm.

Because of all the opportunities in my life, and really working on who I am in relationship to them, it can get pretty tiring and draining. Finding things I like to do that open up conversation to myself have helped significantly in keeping my mental space clear - things like painting, cleaning, running, stretching, and watching movies. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have. Finding ways to work on that relationship and conversate with yourself will help you discover more about who you are.

Those are a few things I’ve practiced and am working on in order to live a balanced life. :) Like I said, being in high school / a young adult is hard by default, but I feel through these things I’ve been able to be more open for all life has to offer me. I hope you all are safe and healthy! I’m always sending love!!

A Day in the Life of Kira Takei

A Day in the life of Kira Takei

Hey everyone! In today’s post, I will be walking you through what a day in my life looks like! Of course, my schedule will vary based on the day, but here is a typical Monday, and I will explain some of the things I will prepare for the upcoming week!

When I wake up (around 7), the first thing I do is water my plants and give them a light mist. Then, after I get my coffee and light my candle, I'll sit down at my desk and start on some work. ‘Work’ means schoolwork first (I do online school), then I work through any music/dance work. Music work can range from writing a new blog post, figuring out a song artwork cover, writing up new concepts, listening to mixes, or figuring out scheduling. Dance work can mean scheduling, going over rehearsal schedules for the week, going over choreography for competitions or shows, choreographing combos, or sometimes choreographing pieces. As I come off of being creative with dance, I'll take a minute to let everything sit as I clean my room, wash my face, and make my bed. Once my favorite space to write is clean and clear (my room), I'll sit down on my bed and start working on the creative side of music. I’ll begin my creative process (which has its own blog post, if you want to check that out) and work through any other final touches to my music. Then I eat lunch and if i’m lucky watch an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race with my little sister while we eat. After lunch, I’ll do activities based on the day such as cleaning my car, deep cleaning my room, laundry, reading, journaling, any extra work, or helping around the house before I get ready for dance. I dance Mon-Wed, then Fri-Sun. Mon-Wed are company classes, typically from about 6-9pm, then every other Friday I assist/sometimes teach combos and phrases for PrePro Apprentice (a program at CC&CO Dance Complex). On Fridays I also go to the music studio, from about 11am-1pm, where my producer (Kevin McNoldy) and I track vocals, work on mixes, and work on anything we need to while together. Saturday and Sunday are blocked off for almost full day dance rehearsals, with PrePro (a program at CC&CO Dance Complex) every Saturday from 11am-3pm(ish). After coming home from dance, I'll take a shower, wash my face, eat some dinner, and head to bed.

And that’s a day in my life, with a little bit of what my week looks like!... I hope it made sense! Being a graduating senior, my schoolwork load is much lighter this year which allows for more time to be creative and work on what I love to do. I’m so excited for next year when all I do is be creative! I’ll be sure to write an updated day in my life so you can see what my gap year looks like!

Thank you for reading!