Pop singer-songwriter, musician, visual artist Kira Takei
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Kira Takei

The Process of Creating "Tonight"

Kira Takei music single Tonight cover art

Hello everyone!

To celebrate another song release, I wanted to share a bit about the process behind creating it!

This song was heavily inspired by images. I knew I wanted to create a song that felt like seeing through strobe lights, lights reflecting off of jewelry, blues, purples and pinks, and had the energy of an isolated connection with muffled sounds of a party. Writing an upbeat, sort of dance song like this is not in my nature, so it took a bit of time to finalize concepts, lyrics, and the title - it was a long process, but I'm so thankful for it as it led to the beautiful final version of ‘Tonight’ you all know! This song required many different things within the writing process - some songs need to be typed, others need to be journaled, but this song needed me to turn my room lights to blue and pink, and use a highlighter to highlight all lyrics I wanted to keep. I finished writing the song like this, and ended up with a page full of highlighted lyrics. I can’t really explain why it needed to be that way, perhaps it was the atmosphere or visuals in my room that matched the song.

Before the writing process was really finished, I had sent a version to my producer, Kevin McNoldy, and it sat in the cue for a bit waiting to be recorded. Within that time, that’s when I realized it really wasn’t finished, and I made some adjustments a couple weeks before recording. I’m grateful that there was time to let it sit, and I could come back to it objectively. After those final edits were made, we began working on it in the studio. Kevin created the incredible track based off of the chords, and some inspiration for what I wanted the song to sound like - as soon as he sent back the beat, I was freaking out. It was perfect, and exactly the feel I wanted for ‘Tonight’. From there, we recorded vocals and went through the track to make any edits or additions. Kevin and I really were on one brain wave during the creation of this song, as we bounced ideas back and forth that just worked - it felt like it all made sense, and was coming together perfectly.

And now, the song is completed, and out for you all to listen to! I hope it can bring some light and joy to your day, and I hope you love it as much as I do. Thank you for joining me as I explain some of the process behind ‘Tonight’, and thank you for your love and support always!!!